Mamluk SAD Concept

Just throwing in this rough concept of Mamluk SAD; my first ever created droid for my very own Age of Machines series. I used this sketch to shape base form while many details, especially on legs, have changed. I will release all specs, details and story of this robot once I finalize the look.
Be the fist. Shatter all obstacles. Conquer the world.
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WE2CA Cyborg

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WE2CA is the last test before first batch of AOM machines starts rolling out. AOM droids will be presented both visually and with unique story line, just like test cyborgs (WE2CA and C5FM.) Following is the story of WE2CA. Enjoy.

WE2CA was conceived and created as an android. Only later did I decide to change the model type from android to cyborg to give it a more interesting story. The brain inside the plated head is human, and that is the only add-on (albeit not visible) that technically changes the model type. As with C5FM, the biggest influence was the original Mad Max trilogy. The final look of this character features spikes in the abdominal area and spine to add a sense of aggressiveness. For the same reason, all the joint areas remain uncovered. I played with the idea of covering all the joint areas with wired protection skirts, which I had hoped would give WE2CA more of a gladiator kind of look. However, I couldn't create anything visually pleasing, so I tabled that idea, at least for now.

WE2CA basic info:
After their huge success with C5FM, Young Nation Industries worked to develop another set of law-enforcement officers. This time, the company focused on speed, agility, and jumping and flying ability. The end product, which uses the chemically enhanced brains of terminally ill or imminently dying females, was branded as WE2CA.

Behind its slick android plating, WE2CA sports two major body engines. The upper engine is in the chest area and the lower engine is in the hip area. The two are connected with a spiked alloy spine through which an electric wire feeds the body from the brain. There are additional wires and a reactor with vents in the abdominal area. The product features 14 batteries hidden in the arms and legs that help the body function even in case of damage or problems; the wires from the body don't actually go all the way through the limbs, they just connect the batteries. This is why four wires feed the upper arms from the body but only two go out to the forearms.

All the joint areas are wide open (meaning not shielded) for enhanced agility and speed. The feet are split in two separate but connected objects, each with its own battery. The body features a number of vents to dissipate air and help in flight and during very long jumps.
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Speed and agility. WE2CA has a maximum run speed of 40mph, sustainable even at long distances (over 200 miles). It can easily make 70-foot-long jumps and hoover in the air for 15-20 minutes. WE2CA comes with extraordinary martial arts abilities, as the product was initially developed to disarm suspects without weapons. Later, though, a deadly laser-firing program was added.

Using a similar built-in targeting system to C5FM’s, WE2CA fires destructive electromagnetic rays through its eyes and laser firing pads on its palms. The product is also programmed to use human produced weapons at sharp-shooter level, in case of a theoretical laser-system malfunction.
Maximum brute strength caps at 15 Hp, more than enough to erase human life with a single punch. WE2CA comes guaranteed to run 24/7 for a total of 165,000 operating hours (almost 19 years.)

The joint areas, left bare for speed and agility, are also open to projectiles, making this product vulnerable in larger open skirmishes involving weapons. Also, the max power might be way more than an adult human male can produce, but it is still way below what cyborgs and robots can achieve.
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Nickname and controversies:
The first look at WE2CA draws attention to a mechanical seal across its lips. The seal is tied to explosives on both sides. This interesting detail, along with a few known controversial deployments of this cyborg, raises many conspiracy theories. It has also given this product the nicknames “Silent Warrior” and “Tortured Warrior.”

"If you ask me," explains sociologist Robert Gannon, "it is obvious that this product has a termination policy in case the human brain inside the machine somehow rebels and wants to speak about its engagement. We know just a fraction of what they use this product for, which indicates that they might use it for something normal humans would never be willing to do. Not to mention the common-sense question of how such a thing, without the ability to speak, command, or inform suspects of its intentions, can be called a law-enforcement product. I don't think the brains used to create WE2CA are simply silenced—I think they're tortured."

Young Nation Industries, the company behind WE2CA, has downplayed any controversy. "We at YNI understand that this little detail draws a lot of attention and suspicion. The truth is, the only reason for the mouth seal is to protect our company’s intellectual property residing inside WE2CA from being hacked or pulled away from the product itself."

Mutiny at Larson-Telton:
Very few engagements of WE2CA have ever reached the broad public. The most famous one happened on December 22nd, 2424, at the Larson-Telton private prison, a floating complex in Jupiter’s orbit space. Larson-Telton, the largest prison complex in our galaxy, which guards over 135,000 prisoners from Earth, Mars, and multiple human outposts, has been marred with rumors of violence and even the torture of prisoners. 

According to the company's records, a large group of prisoners, about five thousand, attacked the human guards at Sector C5 at 5:56 a.m. The mutineers advanced toward the warden's offices, taking guards as prisoners. The prison responded by sending a contingent of C5FM cyborgs, which engaged the prisoners, stopped their advancement, and eventually quenched the mutiny at 7:34 p.m. the next day. Larson-Telton listed nine human guards killed and 27 injured, as well as 146 prisoners killed and 678 injured. 

The company refused an independent investigation, angering some lawmakers on Earth, who called this account of events "sugarcoated." After heavy public and political pressure in later months, Larson-Telton allowed a limited investigation from Earth that revealed new, previously unpublished details. 

"It wasn't only Bully [C5FM Cyborg]," recounted one of the surviving prisoners. "We can talk to Bully. It's difficult, but we can. There were these slick, fast, women-robot machines. We couldn't talk to them. We had no chance. They stopped only when they had drowned us in rivers of blood." 
Another prisoner added, "One of these female robots actually made an effort to communicate with Fred [the rebel leader], but as soon as it touched this bar across its mouth, its body blew to pieces." 
In the wake of the independent investigation, Young Nation Industries admitted the presence of WE2CA at Larson-Telton that day and the loss of one unit. The company, however, dismissed the notion that one of its robots self-destructed because it simply wanted to communicate. 

"Rubbish," said CEO Young. "The unit was unfortunately lost in combat against the rebels. It didn’t self-destruct because it wanted to talk. We don't restrict the freedom to speak." Asked to explain why WE2CA is by default prevented from communicating, Young angrily answered, "I have nothing else to add."  

Young Nation Industries refused to reveal video from the destroyed unit, citing company policy. The independent investigation revealed that 987 prisoners had been killed and 1,678 injured.
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WE2CA info card:
Model Name: WE2CA
Nickname: Silent Warrior, Tortured Warrior
Model Type: Law Enforcement Cyborg (LEC)
Height: 6'1 (185Cm)
Weight: 195Lb (88Kg)
Max Power: 15Hp (11kW)
Max Speed: 40Mph (64Kph)
Hoover Time: 15-20 minutes
Uptime: 24/7 (guaranteed 165 000 operating hours)
Year of production: 2423
Units produced: 3000
Manufactured by: Young Nation Industries

Be the fist. Shatter all obstacles. Conquer the world.

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C5FM Cyborg

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C5FM Cyborg is another warm-up project before AOM kicks in. Think of it as visual as well as contextual test for bigger and more complex robots that Age of Machines will deliver. C5FM was my way of learning things I've never done before. The following is the story of C5FM.

There are two. First is this Cyborg Helmet, the front side of which I used as a base model. Of course I have modified it to my liking to fit this character. I added a different brain and tweaked it until I got the look I was after. The second is the Mad Max trilogy with Mel Gibson as the lead. I tried to make a character that has the features of the bad guys in that trilogy. Purposely, I kept this character rather primitive in design, although it is created far into the 25th century. There are plenty of wires, spikes, and metal bones sticking out. This is to avoid the totally slick futuristic look and to add an intimidation factor. However, I did attempt to make the character functional, at least in theory.

C5FM basic info:
C5FM is created of chemically enhanced unclaimed dead bodies. The spine, veins, and arteries transfer electromagnetic impulses pinged from the helmet throughout the body, keeping the human body parts functional and in great shape. The body is strengthened with various alloy components. Virtually all the major bones are of metal, including the spine and hips, to enhance the cyborg's power. The veins and arteries are also synthetically changed. These improvements give C5FM an approximate strength of 46 horsepower, deterring humans from any hand-to-hand combat. Simply put, C5FM kills adult human males with one punch.

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C5FM is designed to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year for approximately 15 years. No need for food or water. No breaks. No failures. Just good old grind all the way to the end. As a product, it comes with a guarantee of 130K operating hours. It is also able to operate any human-designed weapon with the greatest precision, due to a camera and built-in target system inside the helmet. As a law-enforcement officer, it comes preprogrammed with a full set of laws; it can quote any passage of civil law. C5FM operates fully even if damaged and is programmed to self-destruct if more than 75% of its body is impaired. When it comes to reaching guaranteed operating hours before failure or destruction due to damage, C5FM boasts a success rate of more than 95%. And with more than 7,000 units produced, it will remain a staple of Young Nation Industry’s cyborg law-enforcement program for some time to come.

First and foremost is design. Intimidating, yes, but primitive nonetheless. There are too many open wires and unprotected joints. If danger comes from behind undetected, C5FM's brain is open and therefore is its weakness. Although it has never happened, the possibility of assailants abducting one of these cyborgs and hacking its brain chip may present a problem.

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The first contingent of 25 C5FM units was deployed at York Interstellar Drilling, a mining company on Mars. Their imposing presence and lack of human warmth quickly earned them the nickname “Bully.” Miners requested the removal of the C5FM units, saying they created “an environment of sheer intimidation," but York Interstellar not only refused their request but increased the number of C5FMs in subsequent years. Other companies followed, citing a study which ties C5FM to a decrease in violence and problematic behaviors in the workplace.

Parston 5C incident:
There are a total of 27 reported incidents involving C5FM units. These incidents total confirmed losses of five civilian lives and 17 injuries. This number doesn't include fatalities and injuries in the many prison and mine mutinies across the galaxy that included extensive use of C5FM, along with other troops. The first and most famous incident between C5FM and civilians occurred on July 13th, 2420, at the Parston 5C sector of the Western Road Settlement on Mars. 

Responding to a vandalism and theft call, a C5FM unit dispatched to Parston 5C at 5:47 p.m. that evening. At 5:56 p.m., the C5FM unit reported cornering two suspects, later identified as Prescott Smith, age 16, and Lawrence Jenkins, age 15. Just a minute later, the unit logged resistance to arrest and necessity to use force.

What happened in the next several minutes remains a mystery. The C5FM unit logged no further activity. In the trial that followed, People vs. Young Nation Industries, the court found the company not guilty due to lack of evidence. The biggest hope for finding the truth, the built-in C5FM camera system, stopped recording at exactly 6:00 p.m., moments after the unit reported the necessity to use force on July 13th, 2420. In the still-unclear chain of events, Prescott Smith and Lawrence Jenkins were pronounced dead at 6:13 p.m. the same evening. Cause of death was listed as severe blunt-force trauma. 

Sociologist Robert Gannon, the biggest critic of Young Nation Industry and its products, stated, "We have a clear example of a machine that doesn't understand humans, especially teenagers. As teenagers we rebel, we revolt against authority. This is an expression of our micro problems and us simply growing up. The machine can't compute that. Instead, it blindly follows a set of programmed rules that includes use of force." 
In response to the incident, Young Nation Industries posted a public statement that "The company regrets the loss of life, but the enforcement unit acted according to the law."

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C5FM info card:
Model Name: C5FM
Nickname: Bully
Model Type: Law Enforcement Cyborg (LEC)
Height: 6'5 (195 cm)
Weight: 300lbs (136Kg)
Max Power: 46 Hp (34kW)
Uptime: 24/7 (comes with guarantee of 130 000 operating hours)
Year of Production: 2419
Units produced: 7000
Manufactured by: Young Nation Industries

Be the fist. Shatter all obstacles. Conquer the world.
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Young Nation Industries

Young Nation Industries is an intro for upcoming expansion of Age of Machines. I'm working on creating new worlds and characters, and YNI appears as preview of what's about to come. Follow the blog in upcoming weeks to view YNI's products as well as true, mean and lean Age of Machine worlds and characters. Enjoy.

Info Card:
Young Nation Industries is a body-management-turned-engineering company, founded as Young Body Management at the beginning of the 25th century during the Second Great Expansion of the human race into outer space. Today, its headquarters are on a floating space platform in Titan orbit space, near Saturn. The company employs about 2,500 people and is well known for producing law-enforcement cyborgs that work for industries across the Milky Way galaxy. 

Brief history and current affairs:

During the expansion, hundreds of millions of humans departed Earth, primarily for the moon, in hopes of finding well-paid jobs. As with many other expansions in human history, this one also brought tragedies. "It is statistics," said Harland Young, founder and CEO of Young Nation Industries, in 2415. "The bottom line is, not all who leave their homeland will make it in their new worlds. There is a need to properly handle bodies, because shipping them back to Earth isn't a viable solution. It’s not a glamorous job, but somebody must do it."

Great expansion equals great numbers. A great number of bodies raises the bottom line. Business was booming. As traveling outer space became safer, as extraterrestrial enclaves and communities became more sustainable, a need for stronger security and laws among the expatriates rapidly arose. The company made a strategic change. It branched out and evolved. It became Young Nation Industries.
"I repeat, we're not a funeral company. We manage bodies in appropriate and ethical ways. People believe in us, and in return, we believe in people. In law and order. We believe in safety and security beyond organic form." These words from founder and CEO Harland Young to shareholders introduced a new era for the company. Young Nation Industries paired with large mining companies to design and develop a new breed of law enforcement that aligned with the company's new motto: "Beyond Organic."

"There are a lot of unclaimed bodies out there," reiterated Harland when he was questioned on the ethics of the revamped company's policies. "What do you want us to do with them? Bury them, despite our severely limited living space? Burn them? Why not bring them back to serve the communities? Don't you think they would prefer that to being burned? These are not zombies seeking blood, or dead men brought back to frighten little kids. These are enhanced law-enforcement officers. They know the law A to Z. Every single letter."

Young Nation's first law-enforcement product, named C5FM, turned out to be a big success. The first five hundred models sold within minutes, and the company received orders for more than three thousand enforcers. At the same time, YNI worked to develop its second law-enforcement cyborg—WE2CA. Today, over ten thousand Young Nation law-enforcement cyborgs work for big businesses across the Milky Way, from the mines on Mars to remote prison platforms in Jupiter’s orbit space to private security for numerous CEOs. But there's one place where Young Nation law-enforcement officers are not welcome.

"If you ask me, politicians on Earth are stuck in the past," commented Harland on his company’s strained relationship with its mother planet. "Their police unions claim our products can't be used to enforce laws because they lack human emotions. That's laughable. Our products have over a ninety-five percent success rate in resolving disputes and criminal behavior. Our products have never been accused of prejudice or bias. Our products don't form unions. They don't play politics. They execute the law. Show me a police force on Earth with such a record." Asked to explain worries that his products looked too intimidating, Harland was brief. "Our products look deterring, not intimidating."
Politicians on Earth requested more oversight of the process through which the two staple models of Young Nation Industries are actually made. The company refused that request, fueling an even bigger rift between the two sides. Some on Earth believe the company might be working on a war robot that will be sent to Earth. "That's nonsense," replied Harland. "We have no intention of building a war robot, or attacking Earth.

Be the fist. Shatter all obstacles. Conquer the world.

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