Special Interests - TV pilot

A few times I go out of my established path. This TV pilot, Special Interests, is one of them. The link for rough, first draft is at the bottom. Here's some info about the series.

Special Interests is a one-hour drama that follows the lives of lobbyists at the recently formed conservative lobbying firm Marshall & O’Connor, trying to establish themselves amongst DC’s best firms in the 1970s.

Theme and Series Development:

Special Interests follows the characters' struggles to live the life they lobby for. The main theme branches to illustrate shady deals, conflicting interests, intrigue and lies, a place where money buys power and overturns ideals. Another strong theme present in the series is the rivalry between Marshall & O’Connor and their landlord, the strong liberal lobbying firm Goodman, Liebowitz & Payne. While they influence decisions that will impact so many other lives, the lives of the characters themselves are unsettled and even messy more often than not.

Special Interests begins on Friday, September 21st, 1973, during tumultuous times in Washington DC and abroad, and in the middle of the Watergate scandal. Historic events such as the resignation of Vice President Spiro Agnew, the Yom Kippur war, the OPEC oil embargo, international coups, and various legislation and decisions in the US during the latter part of 1973 are fertile ground for episode plots.

How Much for a Friend? Pilot Synopsis:

Friday September 21st, 1973. We follow John David Hayden, a superstar conservative lobbyist at Marshall & O’Connor, in his unusual ways of landing clients and advocating for their needs, while a recent op-ed in New York Times threatens interests of one of his clients. The same day Ryan O'Connor, estranged son of Miles O'Connor (a partner in Marshall & O'Connor) and a recent graduate of UC Berkeley, comes into the conservative firm and rattles the employees with his liberal views.

Read the rough first draft of the pilot for free. Click the link---> How Much for a Friend?

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