The sixth story in the series Legend of the Tyrant is finally here. I didn't have many options for the title so went with the first thought that crossed my mind, Robotron. Robotron is way overdue. I first envisioned this story in June 2012, but actually started writing and finished it in December of 2012. This time frame of almost six months appeared primarily because I needed to finally decide in what direction to push the entire series.

Robotron brings a few new elements to the series. My original thought made this story a lot more complex, but these being short stories, I settled for a simplified version of the original thought. The first new element in the series is the genre which remained dark fantasy but now has a strong dose of adventure (as much as you can put in a short story.) This will continue throughout the series.

The story finally completes a move from various human types who control territories to the planets controlled by different intelligence sources. In case of Robotron the artificial intelligence rules the planet. The planet itself is a new concept that I barely touched this time. I might use this concept for some other works and go into the details but for now the basic principle is that the planet is practically manufactured and creates it's own generic atmosphere, sky, clouds, spins using the energy of the universe, etc...

There are three types of robots in the story and again I just used the basic principles for the intelligent robots, working robots and fighting robots. Details on them and other variations will wait for another opportunity. The story also introduces a new character that will appear in four other stories. 


The Tyrant arrives at a hidden planet to obtain a valuable skill set. The planet, ruled by artificial intelligence and inhabited by three different types of robots, requires the Tyrant to devise a special plan to achieve his goal. 

As in almost all stories of this series, Robotron also includes historical quotes and/or modified quotes where I found them suitable for the story. The cover for Robotron might include too much debris and not enough contrast but generally speaking I like this cover a lot.  

Title: Robotron
Type of work: short story
Genre: Dark fantasy/Adventure
Word count: 4100

Read free. Click the link ------> Robotron

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