Seven Lakes

The seventh short story in a dark fantasy set Legend of the Tyrant is here. I'd say it is pure coincidence that this story includes number seven in its title. Or who knows, maybe it was something subconscious. I guess I'll never know because I never really paid attention to this. Anyway, Seven Lakes continues the story of the mightiest supper villain as he arrives at yet another interesting planet. The planet itself is described in the story and I'll omit the description in this post. So, what Seven Lakes brings to the series?

Basically there are three new aspects appearing in the series with the Seven Lakes. As I said in previous post about Robotron, the last five stories of the series will be more adventurous. The adventure part fully kicks-in with this story. Unlike other stories where the Tyrant arrives at the planet, assesses the circumstances, diagnose the weaknesses we never fully know his plan until the end in Seven Lakes. He basically travels throughout the planet, engages various creatures until he arrives at the point where he reveals his true intentions.

Because of the adventure part in the Seven Lakes, the story is light and not burdened with seriousness like some other stories in this set. And this is the second new aspect in the series. The previous stories were more blunt, brutal and very dark. I'm not exactly sure why I made this slight change but I believe it worked well.

Besides being more adventurous and light Seven Lakes is the first story with a recurring character from a previous story, sans the Tyrant and Aella. I think the story moves forward easier if I keep other characters and it also gives another dimension to the series. The Arbo robot will appear in this and two other stories and essentially become a supporting character with a total of four appearances in the series.

Seven Lakes synopsis:

The Tyrant arrives at a planet covered with lakes and ruled by a kingdom of trees to seek activation of a secret magical passage. However, the passage has been closed for thousands of years, and nobody is willing to open it again.

Sometimes I think of Legend of the Tyrant as the series consisting of a two 5 story sets. Primarily because of the time gap between the 5th and the 6th story and also because of slight adjustment in genre and my decision to lighten up otherwise very dark series. I would never compare any of the 5-10 story with any of the first five stories. However, Seven Lakes is a special story in this second part of the series and I'm very pleased with it.

Type: short story
Title: Seven Lakes
Genre: dark fantasy/adventure
Word count: 4000

Read and download for free. Follow the link ----> Seven Lakes
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