With Legend of the Tyrant series coming to the end, and Factory 21 hitting 5th story in the series I want to  mention what inspires me the most when I write stories about super villains, fantasy and dystopia.  For some stories I didn't need inspiration. For example, I didn't need any help for the first two stories in Legend of the Tyrant series. However, I learned that when you write sequels you get stuck, and nobody wants to halt the project in the middle. I wanted Legend of the Tyrant to have ten stories and I was determined to have not less then ten.

If you click on the picture that comes with this blog post you will see exactly how my monitor looked like when I was writing Demonoid. Demonoid is the ninth story within Legend of the Tyrant series and you can guess that I needed some demons to help me visualize elements of the story. I did this often during final five stories of Legend of the Tyrant series. I would go on the internet and download pictures I believed would be relevant to the story and propel my imagination. I would cover my entire screen with these pictures and look at them while writing. I must say this method worked miracles for me.

The second thing that inspires me is music. Actually, music is the main inspiration for all my stories regardless of their genre. I remember I wrote an entire scene for my screenplay "The New Breed" listening The Ramones' "Pet Cemetery" in loop time and time again until the scene got done.

Generally speaking, I listen to almost all music but when putting my concepts on a piece of paper there is a specific genre I go to. It may not be considered a genre per se, but film music is by far the most important when it comes to inspiration. When writing up to date my most important work, screenplay Unknown, and later it's younger brother novel The Unit I exclusively listened to film music to inspire me. Everything from Hans Zimmer, Basil Poledouris, John Carpenter, Dany Elfman, Audio Machine, and many others. On the top of all these great scores stood Brad Fiedel with the main theme for "The Terminator." It took me two months to write The Unit, and after I had finished, a number in the playlist next to The Terminator's Main Theme showed 517. That's correct, 517 times I played that song before finishing the novel. Without a doubt I can give Brad Fiedel a credit as a co-writer on many of my stories.

On the other side, Audio Machine and Auracle Music helped form the mightiest super villain in Legend of the Tyrant stories. Auracle's "Top Of The Pack" and Audio Machine's "Akkadian Empire" (Avatar soundtrack) played over 400 times before I finished the last story in the series. I would even make a mini playlist with the soundtracks that worked well together. For example one of these playlists would look like this:
1. He's a Pirate (Klaus Badelt, Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack)
2. Lux Aeterna (Clint Mansell)
3. Akkadian Empire (Audio Machine)
4. Top Of The Pack (Auracle Music)
5. Kill Em All (Audio Machine)
6. Tower of London (Audio Machine)

On my top 25 most played list of all times 23 are soundtracks. The only "real" song is on the 24th spot. It is breaking Benjamin's "Had Enough" that played a lot when I was writing The Unit. Top five looked like this before I switched to a new PC.

1. Main Theme - The Terminator soundtrack - Brad Fiedel - 598 times played
2. He's a Pirate - Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack - Klaus Badelt - 535
3. Opening - Terminator Salvation soundtrack - Danny Elfman - 504
4. Top Of The Pack - Auracle Music - 503
5. Akkadian Empire - Avatar soundtrack - Audio Machine - 487

To add more inspirational material, especially for fantasy themes, I must mentioned my two new favorites from composers behind "Two Steps From Hell." These two songs are "El Dorado" and "All Is Hell That Ends Well." If you write or do anything related to fantasy you should definitely listen to these. If you need a great suspenseful track that builds over time from a relatively unknown author I'll give you a name Kevin MacLeod and his film score "All This."

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