April 14th, 2014
New image - Ghost Railroad

ED 209 Rampage Animation

Another one of animation videos on my blog. This time I decided to use a character from one of my favorite movies, Robocop. I used 3D models of ED 209, Audi A4 and Grand Cherokee. The models were provided for free on http://www.3dxtras.com/ and http://tf3dm.com/. I slightly changed them to fit the need of this video, so I added latches to ED's legs as well as changing his legs a bit and textures. I split car models into several different components so they break up more natural. I also changed tires an both vehicles. There's environment added on both cars, so you can see tree branches on Cherokee windows while Audi has got the stores reflecting on it's body.

I created ED's voice. Of course, it doesn't sound quite as original ED but I needed custom lines that cannot be found in the movie. I also used the one and only hydraulic sound I have for ED's movements. Original RoboCop sound of Ronny Cox (as Dick Jones) makes an intro in this video. All smoke and fire effects used are part of VideoCopilot's Action Essentials.

Generally speaking, this video was quite easy to make. Most of my time went to fix the models for this animation as well as finding a spot in the city to catch a decent footage. The biggest issue was placing the cars in good positions and breaking them naturally. Here are two stills from this animation before and after adding all models and effects.

Final Composition

Original Footage

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